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Architects Don't Want Us To Keep Our Feet on the Ground

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Architects Muchan Park and Luc Wilson think New York City is in the midst of the "design experimentation phase" of its architectural cycle, the time when architects throw all kinds of wacky ideas at the wall(s?) and see what sticks. And they don't want to be left out! So they came up with this bit of architectural craziness, the Elevated Urban Network, which earned a special mention in eVolo's 2010 Skyscraper Competition. How's it work? By completely disregarding the "traditional conception" of the street!
Our innovation is to ramp streets up to create multiple layers of public plazas above the ground level. The FAR bonuses achieved from these plaza provide us the space to incorporate sustainabilitiy techniques such as recycling centers, grey water systems, gardens, and photovoltaic fields. The sale of some of these bonuses also funds the added structure needed for elevated streets and plazas, and the construction of and internal public transit systems. Through this absurdly rational logic we emerge with a new skyscraper development type: the Elevated Street Plaza Skyscraper. We would not say no to a neighborhood photovoltaic field. But next time, we hope Park and Wilson take a page from their fellow contestants and jazz up the renderings.
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