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My Building's Getting Hostel; Hudson Hill Climbs a Mountain

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NOLITA?NYC has hostel fever, and though Williamsburg is the capital, it's far from the only neighborhood with illicit bunking going on. A Nolitan writes in with some concerns. Toshi concerns, to be exact: "In the last few weeks I had noticed a lot of additional traffic inside my apartment building (I am a renter). I kept seeing people arriving by taxi with suit cases and it seemed too frequent for it to be new people moving in."

He continues:

In the last two days I have spoken to two separate couples in the building who told me they were visiting on vacation and had rented out the apartments for the week or weekend. I was also able to find the listing for one of the rentals on the internet here (though I believe more then one room is being rented out this way): This seems like it's illegal. I wanted to know if you all knew that for sure and what can be done about it. I'm a bit concerned with all the keys floating around to the front door and the potential problems if the management company is indeed running a hotel out of the building (noise, theft, vandalism, etc).

The Brooklyn Paper actually examined this very topic today:According to city codes, a hostel is legal if its building is located in an area that is zoned to allow the hostel to operate and the manager has the proper permits to run the lodge. The building must also have an amended certificate of occupancy signifying the intended use of rooms in the building and additional safety measures to accommodate the population living in the property.

So much homework! Just call 311 and let the DOB sort it out. [CurbedWire Inbox] HELL'S KITCHEN?For developers, crossing the 50% sold mark these days means more than just clearing a psychological hurdle. It means buyers have an easier shot at getting mortgages. The latest to join the glass-half-full club is the Hudson Hill Condominium, of the odd/awesome Facade Blowout Sale. The 67-unit West 58th Street building is now 55% sold, and prices range from $693,000 to $2.175 million. [CurbedWire Inbox]