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Got a Wrecking Ball? This Brooklyn Seller Has a House for You!

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Blog Queens Crap points us to this Craigslist posting for the on-the-market house at 78 Adelphi Street. We're hoping the posting date of March 31 means it isn't just an elaborate April Fool's joke:

To all directors, producers, film makers, and the public who want a 3 story building (4th floor building) for a movie to destroy for a movie or to build your dream home in a great location (Fort Greene) near Eisteiner Studio and less than 10 blocks from Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge, please feel free to contact the number below....The richest Russian investor and Jay-z who purchased the NETS Stadium just a few blocks away. Magic Johnson, Spike Lee, Chris Rock, Rosie Perez, and some of the entourage actors own properties just few block away. They started to build the NETS Stadium, please do not let this great opportunity passes by. Simply call the owner at (718)207-5444. Owner wants all cash or a fast closing. Owner only asks 699k because he needs cash real fast. One bedroom and two bedroom Condos are going for $1,000.000 to 1,500.000 in the area. You can build condos or build your mansion on a big lot (25x100). At least we know this CL poster's not responsible for the sign hacking.
· This is NOT an April Fools joke! [Queens Crap]
· To all directors/Film makers who needs a house to destroy for a film [CL]