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New East Harlem Rental Wants You to Live Healthy, Green Life

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Speaking of Harlem, this is neighborhood newcomer Tapestry, at 245 East 124th Street. The building opens for leasing today and takes its name from the "tapestry...of cultures and opportunities" in East Harlem. Hokey? Maybe, but this is a building that cares about its residents! There are "units specifically geared toward non-smokers," and the apartments have been designed with "low to zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) materials...all reducing harmful toxins routinely inhaled on a daily basis." So how much does it cost to rent a healthy lifestyle these days?

The Real Deal reports that studios start at $1,850, one-bedrooms at $2,050, two-bedrooms at $2,800, and three-bedrooms at $3,900. (That's for the 92 market-rate units, with another 92 apartments being leased to middle- and low-income renters by lottery.) So take a look at that soothing blue and green decor, take a deep toxic breath, and write the check already!
· Official website: Tapestry []
· As traditionally strong rental season kicks off, Tapestry starts leasing [Real Deal]


245 E 124th St., New York, NY 10035


245 East 124th Street, New York, NY