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Sheffield57 Units Begin Making Quiet Return to Market

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Eight months after Sheffield57 relinquishing day, when the troubled condo conversion was handed over to Fortress Investment Group in that one-bidder auction, the building is back! Sales were suspended last May when the offering plan expired, but listings for nine sponsor units have popped back up on StreetEasy over the last few days. The listed units range from a $710,000, 615-square-foot studio to a $2.795 million 2BR, 2BA. That apartment, #46U1, was asking $3.375 million its last go-round, but even with the price cut, it still rings up at a whopping $1,747/square foot. Word was buyers would also be socked with higher common charges to make up for short falls during Kent Swig's ownership of the building. So maybe it's not time to bring in the band just yet?
This list includes some resales as well as the sponsor units:

We've put in a call to the sales team to find out how many units will be coming on the market and when, so we'll update when we have more details.
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