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Group Seeks to Make Downtown Brooklyn Less Depressing

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Is Downtown Brooklyn the next Williamsburg? We're not quite sure what that means (rival hipster bowling alleys and lots of stalled construction sites?), but we don't think so. Is Downtown Brooklyn the next Financial District? Now you're talkin'! For years we've been hearing brokers, developers and neighborhood newcomers tell us that FiDi is morphing from a post-6pm ghost town into a 24-hour hive of residential activity. Now the same things are being said about Downtown Brooklyn, another commercial hotbed that's seen an astounding amount of residential development recently. Take, for example, today's Daily News story on a local BID's efforts to "spruce up the shabby business district and turn it into a round-the-clock hub." The plan? Turning a parking lot at the corner of Hoyt and Schermerhorn Streets into an "art park" (rendered above) and slapping some art or ivy on "the area's many fortress-like government and office buildings." A kinder, gentler DoBro? All it takes is a pogo stick and a dream.
· BIDt plans to transform downtown Brooklyn parking lot into art park [NYDN]