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1185 Park Ave Owner Finds Buying So Nice He Does It Twice

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While some apartment hunters have chosen to approach the market downturn very, very carefully, hoping to time the bottom, one fan of Carnegie Hill co-op 1185 Park Avenue just wanted to follow his heart (aw!). So he purchased #8J, a 3BR, 2BA, last year for $3.275 million, higher than the $3.25M asking price. But between the time he went into contract and the time the sale closed, he seems to have seen something he liked better: #7F in the same building. That unit, a 3BR, 3BA, was asking $4.2 million. So the buyer popped #8J back on the market and went after #7F, paying a discounted $3.625 million for it in February. And what of #8J? The buyer sold it at a loss this month for $3.15 million. But there are still three more units on the market in the building, so this could go on for a while.
· 1185 Park Avenue #8J [StreetEasy]
· 1185 Park Avenue #7F [StreetEasy]

1185 Park Avenue

1185 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10128