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Floorplan Answers Once and For All: Where Does A-Rod Sleep?

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What does $55 million look like at 15 Central Park West these days? Like the above layout of the entire 35th floor, the only visual aid currently offered on the listing for steel magnate Leroy Schecter's two not-yet-combined apartments being sold together (5,600 square feet in all). For Alex Rodriguez, the three-bedroom #35A is the one that got away, while the two-bedroom #35B is the one he claimed for $30,000 per month. A-Rod reportedly re-upped with Schecter, but curiosity seekers looking to get a peek inside his clubhouse are going to be disappointed. "All interested parties must be prequalified before viewings can be arranged," the listing says. Funny, his wingman uses the same line.
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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023