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Harlem's Fifth on the Park Cuts Prices After iPad Bonanza

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Harlem's Fifth on the Park, with a buyer backout case still going through appeals and 70 of its 160 units unsold, doesn't seem to have much reason to throw a party. So instead they threw two! Developers Artimus Construction and Uptown Partners opted to announce the project's new round of price cuts at a set of shindigs, where they also gave away free iPads to five lucky brokers. We overcame our jealousy just long enough to hunt for some intel on the chops. Despite all the fanfare, we found the new pricing buried in a PDF that went up on the building's website last month. The cuts seem to go as high as 15 percent, with #26A, for example, now asking $1,899,000, down from a previous asking price of $2,254,400. The full list of re-priced units is below.

Here's a snapshot of the pre-chop listing prices, via the building's StreetEasy page:

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5th On The Park Luxury Condos

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