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Dumbo Resident Declares War on the Walentas' Whirligig!

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Think the West Village has the market cornered when it comes to emotional save-our-neighborhood signage? Then we turn your attention to Dumbo, where all Jane Walentas (wife of neighborhood developer/kingpin David Walentas) wants to do is stick her meticulously restored antique carousel in a starchitect-designed hut inside Empire Fulton Ferry Park, which is closed due to its pending merger with Brooklyn Bridge Park. And she wants to pay for the whole thing, too, but not everyone is excited about the plan, and that includes whomever is posting these signs around the locked entrance to the park. We've transcribed what the flyer says, because, well, that's how good it is:

the carousel
Boycott this thoughtless project of a rich individual's boredom

In order to install the carousel in the park,
· A majestic tree will be chopped down
· Nature all around will be destroyed
· As will the peace and quiet we've enjoyed
· No more geese - either chased or terrified by the racket and the crowds

Inevitably, this "mini amusement park" will attract unprecedented crowds, junk-food concession stands, and, in turn, rats at night. All this because an idle person, Jane Walentas, wife of a developer already responsible for several Dumbo eyesores, has nothing better to do and plenty of power and money to do it. No doubt she thinks of it as her great legacy, for which we should all be thankful. After all, you are incapable of teaching your children to be entertained by a mere park. They must have a whirligig that will improve their lives.

Fight the bully! Go online and tell Jane Walenta [sic] that money doesn't buy everything. Certainly not our admiration.

Such open revolt by a subject against the king and queen of Dumbo! We can't wait to see what happens when someone looks a gifted gold-encrusted carousel horse in the mouth.
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Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 6

Pier 6, Brooklyn, NY 11201