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Deadbeat Renters Win Right to Edit Deadbeat Renter Lists

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Since 1990, New York's housing court has been selling the names of tenants involved in eviction cases to screening companies, which pass the names on to landlords so they can reject potentially deadbeat tenants. What's a blacklisted renter to do? Until now, nothing. But the City Council recently passed the Tenant Fair Chance Act, which requires landlords to tell prospective tenants which screening company they use. The Times explains that, beginning this summer, tenants will be able to order their records from the screening firms and edit them to reflect whether, the tenant won the eviction case or was withholding rent because of building problems, details that weren't previously included. But landlords also still get to use the lists. A win-win?
· Tackling the Tenant Blacklist With New Legislation [NYT]