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Actress Buys at 141 Fifth; Zimbabwe Delaying Atlantic Yards?

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1) Joining former Burger King CEO Bradley Blum at creamy 141 Fifth Avenue is In Treatment actress Melissa George, who, with her husband, plunked down $1.825 million for a one-bedroom. Hope they don't mind the party animals next door! [Big Deal/'Convenient to Ketchup']

2) New Jersey Congressman Bill Pascrell is demanding a government inquiry into hopeful Nets buyer Mikhail Prokhorov's business dealings in Zimbabwe, which Pascrell says might have violated federal rules. Between that and the postponement of the NBA's vote on the sale of the Mets, Prokhorov's probably wishing he had that meditation chamber built already. ['Mikhail Prokhorov's ties to Robert Mugabe threaten deal to purchase Nets'/NYP]

3) This week's hunters regretted their decision not to buy when they first came to Manhattan from Montreal, so in the buyer's market of last summer, they decide to leave their $2,800/month Courtney House rental and buy. With a long list of dealbreakers (two bedrooms, doorman, high floor, views, and washer/dryer in a building below 30th Street), they finally found a 1,700-square-foot place at condo conversion 76 Madison for $1.62 million, down from an asking price of $1.65M. [The Hunt/'No More Missed Boats for Apartment Hunters']

4) B. Smith, whose name adorns books, restaurants, an olive oil brand, and a line of home products, wants out of her two-bedroom co-op at glassy 200 Central Park South. The apartment, which Smith and her husband " 10 minutes," is asking $5.95 million. If they can find a buyer in the same amount of time, maybe they can get featured on Selling New York. [Big Deal/'B. Smith Closes a Chapter']

141 Fifth Avenue

141 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY