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One LIC Condo Building Gets a Name; Another Gets its Name Out

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Time now for an update on a pair of Long Island City newbies...

1) When odd new Long Island City condo building East of East went with a stripey pattern for its construction plywood on Jackson Avenue, we noticed. When it released renderings featuring full-on side boob, we really noticed. Now that the building has our attention, what's the next move? Blanketing the neighborhood with signage (right), according to LICNYC. Nothing risqué, sadly.

2) Speaking of oddly shaped LIC condo buildings, don't call the glassy, steely, aluminumy thing rising at the corner of Vernon Boulevard and Jackson Avenue by the name 10-17 Jackson Avenue anymore. The new moniker is 1 Vernon Jackson, our favorite recent entry to the prefab addresses list. The 33-unit building has launched its teaser site, too.
· East of East goes wild style all over LIC [LICNYC]
· 1 Vernon Jackson []