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Watch This Wacky West Village Townhouse Get Novogratz'd

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Tonight is the long-awaited premiere of the new Bravo reality show 9 by Design, and at least one Curbed reader is pumped: "This reader is looking forward to a recap of tonight's premier of 9 by Design, aka the flipping/designing/breeding/living on the highway Novogratz/Sixx Design crew. Bueller? Bueller?" People, we only have time in our lives for one slightly ridiculous reality show documenting the world of high-end Manhattan real estate. But we offer you this: The below clip that shows how the hand-painted faux-wood facade got onto the 400 West Street townhouse where Bob and Cortney Novogratz (and their seven kids) now reside. This is how the $20 million sausage gets made, folks.

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400 West Street

400 West Street, New York, NY