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Marc Jacobs is Russian to Complete His Superior Townhouse

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One good brand new West Village townhouse deserves another, so we're following up the Novogratz clan with an even bigger name: Marc Jacobs. Last year the designer emerged as the buyer of one of architect Robert A.M. Stern's neo-Georgian townhouses that are part of the Superior Ink condo-torium on Bethune Street, near the approximately 26,000 boutiques Jacobs owns in the neighborhood. He reportedly plopped down almost $13 million for nearly 4,500 square feet on four floors with a garden out back and roof rights up top, but the deed for Townhouse 2 at 68 Bethune Street reveals that the raw space actually cost him $10.495 million. Now it's time to dress the place up!

DOB records show that architect Andre Tchelistcheff has been brought on board to handle the build-out. A quick flip-through of Andre's website displays some swanky townhouse design, both in Manhattan and Moscow. In the meantime, Jacobs is shacking up in a penthouse at the Chelsea Mercantile.

Outside the very formal front of 68 Bethune Street the fences have come down and everything is looking positively proper, with hedges planted and a new sapling in the ground. All along the block, at the foot of the formidable stone staircases, trees have gone in, and bits of green are starting to sprout. Neighboring townhouses have had bold paneled front doors installed, tricked out with individualized transom windows and fan lights. Will the owners of the "authentic" townhouses nearby look down on Jacobs and the other Superior buyers, or can all wealthy West Village homeowners get along?
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Superior Ink

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