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Creating FiDi's Craziest Mansion Ever Will Now Cost Less

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The late Maharashi Mahesh Yogi's five-story remodeled granite landmark at 70 Broad Street has been waiting a while for a buyer with the right vision to turn it into FiDi's craziest mansion. That vision started with a price tag of $45 million. Since late December it's been asking $30 million, and now the price has been cut again, to $25.5 million. We don't like to use the Chopper's usual axe and blood language when talking about the peace palace, so let's just say we don't think 43 percent could have been chopped off the asking price since last fall with a blunt instrument. Unless it was all accomplished with a phone call from that supervillainous conference center.
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70 Broad Street

70 Broad Street, New York, NY