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FDR Memorial Finally Breaks Ground on Roosevelt Island

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Late, great architect Louis Kahn completed the design for an FDR memorial and park on the southern tip of Roosevelt Island 36 years ago. In the time since, the project has had more false starts than the Jets' offensive live, and the creation of the mystical medium known as blogs gave voice to opponents of the plan, like Roosevelt Islander, who has waged war on the memorial out of solidarity with the current unkempt look of the land (it does pair well with the spooky ruins of the smallpox hospital, no?). Well check this out: Last month, without any announcement or fanfare, ground was broken on Four Freedoms Park. KAHN!!!!! According to City Room, a formal and less sneaky groundbreaking ceremony will happen this summer.
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Four Freedoms Park

Roosevelt Island, E Rd., New York, NY