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New Condo Building is a Tribute to the Upper East Side

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The Turtle Bay environs are getting another new mid-rise condo tower for Post critic Linda Stasi to get all in a tizzy about. We turn your attention to the corner of First Avenue and East 51st Street, where, at 930 First Avenue, a 16-story building by architecture firm Fogarty Finger will rise. The 67-unit condominium, called The Beacon on the architects' website, "celebrates the prototypical 'white brick' Upper East Side apartment building beloved by all New Yorkers," architect Chris Fogarty tells us. The building will be a mix of one- and two-bedroom units. We know what you're thinking: And where, pray tell, is the money coming from? According to Fogarty, the Venezuelan-based company that's developing the project doesn't need financing and intends to start building soon. That's bad news for what's currently on the corner.

Above is the current 930 First Avenue, a six-story rental building destined for a date with the wrecking ball. We don't see a demolition permit in the DOB's records yet, but plans have been filed for the new building. Upgrade?
· Projects: The Beacon [Fogarty Finger]