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Renter Angered Over Building's Switch to 'Gangster Rap'

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A disgruntled tenant at luxury Financial District rental building 90 Washington Street (aka 90W) just posted an epic rant about the building on StreetEasy. Here's one highlight among many:

90W used to pretend they're a luxury building by playing cool downtempo/ambient music, which gives the feeling that you're in a boutique hotel, but lately they've been playing Ne-Yo and other terrible rap songs which are inappropriate for the small population of children living in the building. We're not at the mall - bring back the classy downtempo music, and kill the gangster rap.Hey, you leave sweet, soulful Ne-Yo out of this! Click through for more complaints, including allegations that a friend was "assaulted by another drugged up resident." Well, once the gangster rap starts, what else is there to do but throw down?
· Terrible Management - Do Not Rent at 90W [StreetEasy]