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City Seeks Clever Ideas for What to do With All That Shoreline

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With projects like Brooklyn Bridge Park, the takeover of Governors Island, and the Hunter's Point South, Willets Point, and Coney Island rezonings, we couldn't exactly say that the city has been ignoring its waterfront in recent years. But the city's about to start ignoring it even less! Mayor Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn have launched something called the Waterfront Vision and Enhancement Strategy (heh, WAVES), which "will create a sustainable blueprint for the City's 578 miles of shoreline." The plan breaks down into two parts, Vision 2020 (double heh), which will set big-picture waterfront goals for the next decade, and a shorter-term agenda that wasn't given a clever name. The fun part: the city's soliciting public input on what the city's waterfront should look like in 10 years. Let's try to come up with something a little less apocalyptic than what those MoMA architects thought up, 'kay?
· Vision 2020: The NYC Comprehensive Waterfront Plan [DCP]