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Secret Subway Townhouse Not Much of a Decoy

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Instead of housing precocious well-to-do children with names like Finnegan and Milo who will grow up to write fiction, 58 Joralemon Street?a three-story brownstone on a pristine Brooklyn Heights block?is actually home to electrical equipment and secret subway tunnel access. Still smarting from this camouflage, the Brooklyn Heights Blog walked up to 58 Joralemon Street to get a closer look. BHB's report:

Hindsight and blackened-out windows do indeed make the brownstone look laughably fake—the housing equivalent of an FBI van called “Joe’s Florist.” Though with the MTA’s financial woes, I can’t imagine many would be thrilled if they used their budget to decorate a fake house. Still, I was surprised when I peered through the metal doors labeled “Exit #1? and saw what looked like the 4/5 station peering back. And on closer inspection, maybe some other signs were a bit telltale.

OK, a Robert-Stack-worthy unsolved mystery, this is not, but we'll still tip a cap to the MTA for this very cool impostor.
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