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Rosy Future Looking Likelier for 'Burg Waterfront Project

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Developer Isack Rosenberg's planned Rose Plaza development on the South Williamsburg waterfront has had a few thorns in its side: namely, a Hasidic Jewish civil war and the opposition of City Councilman Steve Levin. Hasidic groups accused Rosenberg via flyer of "bringing in the heart of Williamsburg 800 apartments for yuppies/artists," and Levin didn't think the project had enough family apartments or affordable housing. It wasn't looking good.

But?whew!?the crisis has been averted! Levin and Rosenberg have made up, the Brooklyn Paper reports, which is good news for today's City Council vote on the development. Rosenberg has agreed to add more family-sized units to the project and make all 74 of them affordable. So now there will only be 700 apartments' worth of yuppies/artists to contend with.
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