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With Sales at Asking Prices, DoBro's Toren ... PriceChops?

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So far, units at Brooklyn hot topic Toren have been closing at or slightly above full asking price, with the exception of a 15-percent-off 1BR and, more recently, a 1BR sold at 4.9 percent off. The building's average recorded sales price so far is $723/square foot. Not a bad performance for the SOM-designed Downtown Brooklyn tower. Which means it's time for...the PriceChopper? Apparently, as the building's StreetEasy page reveals choppage on a handful of the apartments still on the market. Maybe the six units recently visited by the Chopper are just the least desirable of the bunch, because their prices are now 6 to 22 percent less than they were yesterday. The biggest cuts came on apartments #601 and #604, which are now asking $895,000 and $480,000, respectively. Want to check the choppage on the rest?
1) #601: A 2BR, 2.5BA last asking $1.15 million, now asking $895,000, a 22 percent cut.
2) #1903: A 2BR, 2BA last asking $872,000, now 15 percent less, or $743,000.
3) #1101: A 2BR, 2BA, was chopped only 6 percent, from $775,000 to $725,000.
4) #703: A 2BR, 2BA originally asking $850,000, now $699,000, an 18 percent cut.
5) #604: A 1BR, 1BA originally asking $618,000, now asking $480,000, 22 percent less.
6) #1005: A 1BR, 1BA last asking $522,000, now asking 12 percent less, or $458,000.

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150 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201