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Developer Seeks Divorcées to Shack Up With Courtney Love

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Developer/broker Michael Bolla has two vacancies left in the restored Federal townhouse at 436 West 20th Street he's renting out to notable names like Courtney Love and Olivier Sarkozy (half-brother of Nicolas Sarkozy). But celebrities aside, is there a group of well-heeled New Yorkers?perhaps in the midst of some sort of major life change?that's in need of glamorous temporary digs staffed by a dreamy butler? Why, indeed there is! In a brilliant move, Bolla recently hosted an event in one of the empty apartments (priced at $15,000-per-month and up) for women contemplating or going through divorce. He wasn't trying to rent the place to the 80 vulnerable ladies who showed up, he tells The Real Deal, he was just providing a forum for speakers such as Lola (daughter of Julian) Schnabel, whose art, by the way, hangs on the walls of 436 West 20th Street. Like her message? Then live surrounded by it! Now that's synergy.
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436 West 20th Street

436 West 20th Street, New York, NY