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Mysterious Growth Sprouts Atop 40 Great Jones

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Down in Noho across from Castle Kong, a curious tipster wonders what's up with a landmarked property at 40 Great Jones Street, where a new "thingy" has been plopped on top. The erection can be seen from the street below, with better viewing from the upper floors at Scarano-on-the-Bowery (an even better vantage point would have been from atop an old-time twin at 30 Great Jones, but that one is now long gone). The roof at 40 Great Jones is part of a package that sold along with a penthouse last November for $1.9 million. When it was on the market the listing oozed over the "exclusive roof rights" and encouraged buyers to imagine "a private staircase to the roof, which is ready for decking and landscaping, and gives you a view of all of lower Manhattan. (Of course you have to follow the usual rules in making these improvements.)." Brokers can be so strict!

Our tipster wonders if the new neighbors are following those rules. A look at DOB records shows that a permit has been issued for interior work in the apartment, but the recent Landmarks Commission Certificate of No Effect states that the "approved work consists of interior alterations only at the 7th floor." The LPC warns that "the applicant is hereby put on notice that performing or maintaining any work not explicitly authorized by this permit may make the applicant liable for criminal and/or civil penalties, including imprisonment and fine." Ruh-roh. Looks like the broker gave fair warning. That legalese could be especially interesting to the new owners, one of whom just happens to be a lawyer. Maybe it's a test run before seeking approval from the powers that be?
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40 Great Jones Street

40 Great Jones Street, New York, NY