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A Renter's Likes and Dislikes About Life in 'Burg's 184 Kent

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We've been hearing a lot lately from renters and prospective renters at DoBro's Brooklyner. But some of Brooklyn's shorter newcomers have been a little more shy about speaking up. Until now! Today we received a report from a new renter at Curbed favorite 184 Kent, which recently opened after an epic journey from warehouse to luxury rentals. (And some time spent cruising the streets of the Financial District to pick up tenants.) Our insider has been a building resident for about three weeks. So what happens when a renter gets out of the van and into the building?

The Good: The management company is fantastic. I mean, on it! The building has employed Building Link 2.0 and they actually use it. I put in a service request for something very minor and there was a knock on my door 3 minutes later with a maintenance guy there to fix it. The doormen all are friendly and for that which is finished in the building is well maintained. My apartment itself is amazing. I have views of Manhattan in a 700 sq/ft 1 bedroom. I'm in love with my washer/dryer combo in my unit but there's also a laundry room on every floor in every quad (the building is divided into quads: A, B, C and D)....The fixtures in the apartment are of high quality as well as the appliances. Did I mention I love my washer/dryer combo? All in all I love it so far and can't wait to see it finished. When it is finished it's really going to amazing. That brings me to the bad... The building has a TON of work to be done. Right now, I believe only units on two floors in C and D quad are completed. The doormen tell me there are only about 40 residents now. Maybe like 20 apartments or so are occupied. I don't know exact numbers, only what I see and hear. NONE of the amenities are open yet. No gym, no common area, no library, no bike storage, no regular storage, no parking. Nothing. None of it is done. The gym seems like it might be open soon but there's no date for anything. If I had to guess, the common areas and gym will be open in the next 30 days. In addition, the whole entire south side of the building looks like it needs a year or so worth of work. It's literally a construction site. Yes, I knew this moving in. But i didn't know that none of the amenities would be open at all. And remain closed for an indefinite amount of time. If I had to estimate, maybe 25-30% of the total work for the building is actually done. Now I arrive at the ugly...

The indoor garden and roof deck (which i snuck up to with my boyfriend) are both seeming a year away from completion. There is still a construction freight elevator in the courtyard. It's ugly. For real.

Any other 184 Kent renters out there who want to weigh in?
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