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Hotel Bellevue Officially Checks Out for a While

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It was, pardon the choice of words, one of the craziest ideas of the boom years: Turning Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital, the spooky old loony bin that's now a homeless shelter, into a luxurious boutique hotel. There was plenty of interest from hoteliers at first, but over time the credit crunch put the plans on hold, and some officials urged the city to turn the gated facility into a nursing home instead.

Don't count on either of those outcomes, because the Observer got an e-mail from people in the know which states the city has halted all plans to redevelop Bellevue. The mood is as gloomy as the building itself: "The homeless men living in the building will remain in substandard housing ... The NYU Langone Medical Center and the Science Park will not gain the hotel necessary to make them a truly world-class destination." The Department of Homeless Services says the redevelopment process will start up again sometime in the future.
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