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Architect's Outlandish Idea: LIC Commuters Should Walk on Water!

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Snoop around architects' websites and you're bound to find some interesting stuff. Like this! Now that shovels have hit the ground for the long-arrested FDR Memorial on Roosevelt Island, some other ideas for the East River are coming to mind. One concept is a footbridge linking Manhattan and Queens, from architect Andre Tchelistcheff, who is designing the insides of Marc Jacobs's West Village townhouse. That's right, leisurely strolls through the Midtown Tunnel are so yesterday!

The hybrid suspension-drawbridge would cross the the East River from a western approach slotted between the United Nations and Sheldon Solow's fallow hole. A series of pylons step across the river, with cables supporting the pedestrian platform below. From a support sunk into little Belmont Island, the footbridge takes a dogleg to the east, connecting to Long Island City near Gantry Plaza. Off center, closer to Manhattan, is the drawbridge section that could be raised so ships can continue on their way. The drawings suggest that this slanting feature would offer some fun for the folks on foot, especially those who don't mind a mid-river dunking. Where do we sign up?
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425 East 42nd Street, New York, NY