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The $20 Million Party Penthouse of the Upper East Side

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East 87th Street's Park Avenue Court has a prior life as a Gimbel's department store. Normally we care about such a backstory, but not here, and not now. That's because what's going on up in one of the building's crowns is far more interesting than some old knickers. A listing recently popped up in the building under the alphabet soup combination of #RPH1ABC with an asking price of $19.75 million. We knew it would be something to behold, and indeed, the 6,265-square-foot space (monthly maintenance and taxes come in at over $22,000 per month) is one doozy of an Upper East Side condo swimming in a sea of prim co-ops.

"One of a kind, never before seen," the brokerbabble begins, but a quick glance at the floorplan (below) is all it takes to realize this one is pretty bonkers. One of the units combined into the full-floor penthouse is currently an 1,150-square-foot "guest quarters" with a lofted bedroom and its own kitchen. The space reserved for the homeowner has three bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, a 50-foot "galleria" off the foyer, a wet bar, custom floor-to-ceiling built-ins and a big ol' jacuzzi in the master bathroom. The place also has 14' ceilings and a huge terrace with an outdoor sound system and barbecue. Kind of takes the sting out of not passing muster with a co-op board when you can waft burger fumes in their direction out of spite, right?

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· Listing: 120 East 87th Street [Elliman]

120 East 87th Street

120 East 87th Street, New York, NY 10128