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Harlem's Embelesar 118: For the Priced-Out Wall Street Worker

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Much has been made lately of Harlem's new development oversupply, but new construction is still in progress. This is Embelesar 118, a 57-unit co-op going up at 152 East 118th Street. It's got the now familiar roster of luxury amenities, including a fitness room and refrigerated storage, but at least 43 of the studios and one-bedrooms are affordable housing, with prices from $252,184 to $324,635. According to a press release, the building "is geared to working New Yorkers who may have been priced out of Manhattan, such as teachers, healthcare professionals, policemen, firefighters, Wall Street workers and others." If the intended audience is Wall Street workers who can't afford the rest of Manhattan, well, that explains why the maximum incomes for the affordable units are still a fairly high $126,700-$134,400.
Last time Google Street View passed by, the site looked like this:

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Embelesar 118

152 E 118th St, New York, NY 10035