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West Village Classic Car Guru Confirms He Wants to Build

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If your misguided hatred for reality TV caused you to skip our recap of last week's episode of HGTV's Selling New York, then you missed the tale of Elliot Cuker: The charismatic West Village classic car dealer who decides to build above his showroom at 137 Perry Street instead of buying a new apartment. During the episode Cuker seeks advice from CORE broker/boss Shaun Osher, who gets architect John Cetra to draw up a basic sketch of what zoning laws will allow on the site (about 8,000 square feet of new space in a building 75' high).

We just spoke with Cuker, who told us that the plan for adding a rooftop addition to his one-story garage/shop/event space is very much alive, though he doesn't see anything happening this year. The plans are still taking shape (he wouldn't disclose the name of the architect working on 137 Perry), but he did mention that he's open to the concept of dividing the new space into two or three apartments. The building is located within a historic district, so the Landmarks Preservation Commission will have final say over any proposal, but keep this one on your radar, West Villagers.
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