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Rumormongering: Matt Damon Buying at 535 West End Avenue?

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Those who have been following Matt Damon's housing hunt in the real estate gossip pages over the past several months know that the dude is racking up some serious open house mileage. He seems to have focused in on the Upper West Side, perhaps not wanting to test the quick trigger fingers of publicity-shy Upper East Side co-op boards. Let's pare the list of suitors down even more: An in-the-know Curbed tipster tells us that the talented Mr. Ripley "has in fact purchased one of the penthouse apartments in 535 West End Avenue for a sum of around 20 million." Damon reportedly checked out the blockbuster building, so this love connection wouldn't be out of left field. But do we believe that Jason Bourne is settling down on quiet West End Ave.?

There are many units in the "21st century pre-war" building priced around $20 million, and the super secret megapenthouse has allegedly already been claimed by someone who is definitely not Matt Damon, unless he's doing some deep method acting as an Orthodox hedge-funder for his next role. But this didn't feel like an April Fool's gag, so we checked in with a pair of buildings reps, who quickly gave us the "no comment" treatment. But these weren't the typical, blasé no comments. These were no-comments-under-penalty-of-death no comments, which made us curious enough to put this out there on the Interweb. So file this one under Rumormongering for now, until TMZ catches Will Hunting walking out of the lobby.
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535 West End Avenue

535 West End Avenue, New York, NY