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Devonshire House's Penthouses Now Up for Grabs

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Somehow, it's been a few months since we've last checked in on Curbed obsession Devonshire House. At that point, the building already had an impressive number of all-cash buys in contract. A press release now informs us that the condo offering plan has been declared effective, so closings (there are 29 units listed as in contract) and occupancy can begin. But there's another test for sales at the condo conversion: the penthouses! Both are new to market. #12H, at $3 million, is actually asking less than many of the units already nabbed by buyers. But it's only a 1,321-square-foot 1BR (albeit with some significant outdoor space). #12E, the 4BR, 4.5BA penthouse, is bigger and pricier at 4,137 square feet and $12.5 million, or $3,021/square foot. Both penthouse listings have only the model unit photos, but there are floorplans. The tinier one's above, the $12.5 million option below. Per square foot prices have been lower at Dev House thus far, so how will this one do?

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The Devonshire

28 east 10th street, New York, New York

Devonshire House

28 East 10th Street, New York, NY 10003