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New Rental Listings Site Wants Tenants Who Plan Ahead

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Last week's hot new thing on the rental scene was, a rental listings search engine designed to help landlords and tenants bypass brokers. This week there's JumpPost, a website-slash-brokerage that's trying to fill another NYC rental market gap: the lack of inventory for renters hoping to move in two to six months, rather than in the two-week to one-month range of most Craigslist postings. Current renters who list their apartments and find new tenants on the site will receive $500 from JumpPost, the Post explains. The site plans to make its money on those new tenants, charging a fee of 5 percent of a year's rent. Right now the range of listings on the site looks a little sparse. (The cheapest is a $675 "room for a monk" on the UES; the most expensive is a $26,000/month 3BR at 240 Park Avenue South.) Will the longer time horizons offered and the lower broker fee still pull in renters?
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· Jumppost paying renters $500 if they list on their Web site [NYP]