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The Residential Storefront; A West Village Townhouse Fixer-Upper

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1) More New Yorkers are applying to turn storefronts into residential spaces, according to the Department of Buildings. Storefront dwellers like the ample light from outside, even though people sometimes wander in thinking their apartments are really stores. Maybe try turning around those "open" signs? ['Born a Store']

2) Like a less high-end Novogratz clan, the Casey-Smith family bought a rundown West 12th Street townhouse and have spent the last 13 years renovating it. With 2 a.m. Craigslist purchases and funny visuals of moving heavy furniture home on the subway, this one sounds like it might have TV potential. [Habitats/'Do-It-Yourself Town-House Renovating in Manhattan']

3) This week's hunter, a graduate student, had some bad luck with her first $1,400/month studio on the Upper West Side: the stove didn't work, there were mice, and a burst radiator pipe flooded the place. She had better luck the next time, finding a $1,450 studio at West 102nd Street's Broadmoor. [The Hunt/'An Apartment With Laundry on the Premises']

4) Today in rent-stabilized lifestyles of the rich and famous: socialite/actress Monique van Vooren (of Oliver Stone's "Wall Street" and its sequel) has been filling complaints with the city lately for water leaks, a collapsing ceiling, and mold in her rent-stabilized three-bedroom at 165 East 66th Street. Does the fact that she's still paying close to the 1975 rent make it too good of a deal to leave? ['My home's a mess, but cheap: socialite'/NYP]

5) CNN anchor Ali Velshi is leaving Manhattan, which means trying to sell his 1BR at 186 West 80th Street. Velshi's already chopped once, from $875,000 to $840,000, but he isn't finding any takers. And is probably wondering why no one is listening to him. [Big Deal/'Anchor Casts Off Home']

6) Former Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush speechwriter Peggy Noonan has purchased an apartment at 134 East 83rd Street. She plunked down $1.72 million for the place, originally listed in October for $1.825 million. Read her lips: it's a buyer's market. [Big Deal/'New Taxes for Peggy Noonan']