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Times Square Fairy Tale House Unveiled

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Near Times Square on West 49th Street is a fanciful new facade for foodies, looking like something from Fractured Fairy Tales with its golden wood and gables galore. A little while back, when a construction shed hid some of the neo-Teutonic details, Scouting New York pondered the mysterious mash-up of rough hewn clapboards and cartoonishly colored glass. A tipster gave word that the plan is for a joint called Smokehouse BBQ, from Rakesh Aggarwall, formerly of Devi and chieftan of the Baluchi's chain. When the Smokehouse BBQ gang will start serving up chow is unknown, but they're working on the alcoholic beverage permit and DOB shows a newly filed application for a flashing double-sided sign out front, both perfect for enticing tourists on the hunt for hearty fare.
· Clapboard House Goes Up in Times Square (??) [Scouting New York]

Smokehouse BBQ

249 West 49th Street, New York, NY