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The A Building Goes to the Dogs; More Hot Novogratz Action

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EAST VILLAGE?The retail space on the 14th Street side of the A Building that's been empty since the swingers club/condo building opened finally has a tenant: Petopia. The color kinds of clash with the A Building's red trim, no? [CurbedWire Staff]

WEST VILLAGE?We thought about going a full 24 hours without mentioning Team Novogratz, but we can't. They're inside our brains, feasting on our gray matter. Bravo's got a clip up of tonight's 9 by Design episode in which Bob and Cortney talk more about the history and design process of their 400 West Street townhouse, now on the market for $19.95 million. Interesting to those who are absorbed as we are in the rising stars of the real estate scene. Check it out: