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Dive Into This Crazy Upper West Side Mansion for $32M

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There are a lot of boldfaced names in the ACRIS history for this new-to-market house at 247 Central Park West. It used to belong to Abigail Disney, Walt's grandniece, who sold it to Keith Monda, former chief operating officer of Coach, in 2006 for $15.5 million. We don't know whether it was "meticulously renovated and transformed into a 21st century work of art" before or after that. But the totally bonkers combination of a 60' lap pool, media room, fitness and massage areas, and zen garden make the current $32 million price tag sound, if not reasonable, less shocking than those kinds of numbers usually do. Or maybe the heat's making us delusional. But it's nothing a quick dip in that pool couldn't fix!
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247Central Park West

247 Central Park West, New York City, NY 10024

247 Central Park West

247 Central Park West, New York, NY