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No Dogs on Avalon Fort Greene's Lawn, Except in Ads

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Man's best friend is getting a bum rap from some of the city's newest luxury apartment buildings. Already dogs have been told not to do their dirty business in two tempting locations at 75 Wall Street, and now, pups seeking relief on the lush lawn of the Avalon Fort Greene rental tower on Gold Street are also, pardon the expression, shit out of luck. A tipster sent along some photos of the new signs that recently went up all over the plaza in front of the building, noting the "giant marketing window behind the plaza CLEARLY showing a girl and a dog being allowed on a lawn. If I were a dog I'd be pissed, or at least cute and sad." Add the fact that the Parks Department recently enlisted one of their greatest nemeses, and our four-legged friends are having a pretty RUFF spring.
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