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Sales at Fort Greene Newbie Solis Off to Strong Start

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Former Development Du Jour Solis in Fort Greene launched sales just last month, going up against a larger neighborhood newcomer, Clermont Greene. But the beginning of spring must have had buyers going nuts for the private yards and floor-to-ceiling windows at Solis, because a press release from the marketing team informs us the building is already two-thirds sold. That's six units out of only nine, but still, speedy! So what's left?
There's #4A, a 2BR, 2BA, for $685,000, #2B, a 3BR, 3BA, for $1.225 million, and #1A, a 3BR, 2.5BA, for $1.25 million. We'll be curious how to see how close the sales prices come to asks once closings begin (units now in contract were asking $675,000 to $1.195 million, and occupancy's set for this summer). Still, we can tentatively say, score one for the little guy!
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174 Clermont Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205