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Massive Chelsea Penthouse Hopes That Greed is Still Good

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Previous reports about Oliver Stone's sequel to Wall Street have placed Michael Douglas's fresh-from-jail corporate crook Gordon Gekko in a classic Upper East Side co-op, and the movie's main villain in the city's new-money condo castle, 15 Central Park West. But what about a home for Shia LaBeouf's character, the up-and-coming banker engaged to Gekko's daughter who will no doubt face a moral dilemma or two on his path to redemption? Where would such a hotshot rest his weary head? Answer: The penthouse at 31 West 21st Street, which the Times reports was picked by Stone for its floating staircase, terraces and dead-on Empire State Building view. (The paper calls it Chelsea, but it feels more Flatiron, no?) Is "the perfect home for the spoils of Wall Street excess" a good sales pitch for these times? We'll find out, because the penthouse is hitting the market.

The 6,250-square-foot duplex, with a crazy 3,500 square feet of outdoor space, was actually previously on the market through CORE for parts of '08 and '09 at prices ranging from $16.5 million to $13.7 million. The NYT's Christine Haughney reports that the condo's owner, an anonymous finance dude, paid just $1.4 million for the apartment in 2003, then built the second floor and renovated. Aligned Real Estate will be listing the apartment this time around (for somewhere between $12 million to $14 million), and broker Jonathan Isaacs thinks the movie will help with the marketing, no matter the film's message: "Most of my clients have already seen the trailer. They know they're making the sequel to the best-known finance movie of all time. There will certainly be a very interested group."
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UPDATE: ID's the penthouse's owner as Richard M. Weissman, the 16th leading rusher in Dartmouth football history!

31 West 21st Street

31 West 21st Street, New York, NY