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Last Atlantic Yards Holdout Agrees to Leave for $3 Million

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So much for being the lone Atlantic Yards holdout! The Daily News reports that Daniel Goldstein, the only resident of the Atlantic Yards footprint who had not yet struck a relocation deal with developer Bruce Ratner, today agreed to move out of his apartment in exchange for $3 million. Goldstein paid $590,000 for his apartment in 2003 and argued that the $510,000 he was originally offered by the state was not the apartment's fair market value. Then apparently we missed the part where Goldstein's apartment actually turned out to contain a secret treasure trove known only to Goldstein and Ratner. Goldstein and family will be taking their $3 million and moving out by May 7. Short notice, but we're guessing they won't have a hard time finding new digs.
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