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Hotel Toshi Guests Asked to Scram During Inspection

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Last we heard from Hotel Toshi, an apartment building turned into a hotel and run by party promoter/actor Toshi, the hotel appeared to have been tossed out of South Williamsburg's 188 South 8th Street after a wave of DOB complaints. Where did Toshi pitch its tent next? 808 Driggs Avenue, also known as 157 South 5th Street. A tipster tells us Hotel Toshi rents out about 20 of the building's units after altering them from lofts into three- or four-bedroom apartments. The tipster also tells us there's a city inspection scheduled for the building today, and tenants and Hotel Toshi renters were sent two different sets of instructions about the inspection. Tenants were told to be at home to let inspectors in. Hotel Toshi guests were asked to vacate the building for the afternoon.
Our tipster hypothesizes: "As far as I'm aware only the Toshi units have had work done to them since January when the building renovation was complete and new tenants moved in. It seems that they don't want the inspectors to access these units because they will see the construction." We gave the folks at Hotel Toshi a call, and a manager told us it was the building owner who asked the hotel to have its guests step out for the afternoon. Building management has not yet returned our call. We'll update if we get more information, but in the meantime, a closer look at those letters:

The tenant letter:

The Toshi letter:

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