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Is the Fun Over at East Village's Hard-Partying A Building?

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Back during the real estate boom, the A Building's star rose fast, thanks to that pool, a bit of a dormitory feel, and national exposure. But the higher a building goes, the farther it could have to fall. And people have started calling the cops on the A Building's perpetual party. The Real Deal's Sarah Ryley files an epic expose on the two-year old property. Forget about drugs and booze. We're talking flooding, construction troubles, and money mismanagement.

About a quarter of the buildings 96 units are having problems with leaks and mold, according to a letter the residents sent the developers. In one $1.9 million ground-floor apartment, a claims examiner found the garden was sloped, which led to leaks and indoor pools. As if the pool upstairs wasn't enough!

Not that the rooftop pool has been free of problems, either. The Department of Buildings tells The Real Deal the pool wasn't included in the building's original plan, which has meant shutdowns and fines. So far, only $200 of the $17,000 in pool fines has been paid. And that's not the only financial funny business at the building. Several residents allege that the developers, who control the condo board, have made "questionable disbursements," such as paying closing costs for the manager's apartment or footing the bill for construction repairs that should have come out of the developer's pocket. Ruh roh! The A Building owners seem to be a bunch of fighters, but we'll take the next taxi out, thanks.
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The A Building

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