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Toll Brothers Dumbo Condo Approved by Landmarks Commission

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Toll Brothers' proposed 67-unit condo building at 205 Water Street in Dumbo has seemed from the beginning to herald something a little different from the usual Toll Brothers fare. The design is shorter than the zoning allows, and the gritty concrete and rust-colored GreenbergFarrow-designed facade wants to blend in. So we weren't too surprised to see the building get Landmarks Preservation Commission approval yesterday. (Perhaps it will make up for recent Toll Brothers disappointments.)

And while it wasn't quite Spring Designation Day all over again, the LPC considered a few other Curbed favorites yesterday, and intern Deanna Kawitzky was on hand to see the results.

LPC meetings are old hat by now for 24 Bond Street, where artist Bruce Williams' tiny gold dancer sculptures had to be retroactively approved once before because the building falls within a historic district. Now Williams wants to put more sculptures (above) on the building's facade. And the LPC was more than okay with it, calling the new proposed additions " an extension of ivy." We don't quite see it, but we aren't about to frown on anything that makes that facade funkier.

The LPC went less wild for a proposed pergola (right) atop the townhouse at 7 MacDougal Alley. The Commission accused the pergola of being too visible and industrial, despite the owner's plan to add lanterns (!) to the structure. But, with a few modifications to set it back, it too went through.
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