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Neighbors Still Not Happy About Luxury Bushwick Halfway House

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What's more polarizing than a new Robert Scarano building? A new Robert Scarano building that's been turned into a halfway house run by a paroled ex-con! Local residents got upset a few months ago at rumors that the developers signed a contract to turn 979 Willoughby Avenue?where the eight apartments were once supposed to go for up to $688,000? into a halfway house. Now the halfway house is actually here, and the neighbors are, shocker, still not too pleased. They complain to the Daily News that the place is run with very little oversight and will de-gentrify the neighborhood. Paroled felon Ashley Khan, who runs the halfway house and has filled most of the units with bunk beds for residents, says the neighbors are just jealous of the luxury building. Since Kahn lives in the triplex penthouse and reportedly rents out another penthouse to models in town for photo shoots, we have no idea why he would think that.
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