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Doorman Strike Open Thread: Chaos Over Before it Starts?

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The scent floating on the breeze hinted that, like so many doomsdays before, the Doorman Strike that threatened to kick in just after midnight tonight—plunging the Upper East Side into a chaos not seen in generations—would come to naught. And indeed, as midnight nears, that seems to be the case. Per a tweet by @BrickU a few moments ago: "Managing agent with contact on negotiating committee says it looks like there will be a contract in place by 12:01 am."

We'll be here following the action (or lack thereof) on through the deadline. Your impressions, thoughts, and fears, in the comments, svp. Meantime, much humor on the #doormanstrike tweets, for your enjoyment.
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UPDATE 12:01am: Midnight comes and goes, and... silence. And so we wait.
UPDATE 12:08am: @danielshea, "my doorman emerges for a cigarette!" (w/photo!)
UPDATE 12:12am: NY1 is talking sports, but bottom news ticker reads: "A midnight strike deadline has come and gone but there's no word on negotiations between building owns and workers."
UPDATE 12:14am: As Curbed commenters note, no word on the union website.
UPDATE 12:19am: No one has any word. Feel the tension! Or don't.
UPDATE 12:20am: @jessflintxx: "Just buzzed down to my doorman: he says nothing is happening until at least 7am."
UPDATE 12:23am: 1010Wins reports via medium apparently known as radio, "Nassau county police say the out-of-control driver of a van...," er... "After sentencing in Manhattan, a movie star's son is going to jail," er... "A little boy missing in Florida...," er... Moneywatch in 60 seconds!!!
UPDATE 12:30am: Following vital sports chat, NY1 back to news! "Building Working Union and Realty Advisory Board are still negotiating." Follow-up: "Negotiations continue... But no strike has been called as of yet. Sticking points include wages, health benefits, sick days, overtime rules, and our sanity." (Made last one up.)
UPDATE 12:40am: STRIKE AVERTED!!! DEAL REACHED!! Exhale. Off to bed! Details upon the dawn, or in the comments on this post, if you're up late and feeling civic-minded. (Notes one Curbed commenter, "Realty Advisory Board has advised our Co-op President—who called their hotline—that there will not be a strike, that details of a final settlement are being worked out, and that the Union has instructed its members to remain on the job.")
UPDATE 12:59am: NYTimes report on the deal is live. (We're dead. No big deal.)