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Washington Square Gets Its Grit Back on 420 Day

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It may be getting a $16 million renovation and solar powered bathrooms, but who says Washington Square Park has forgotten its roots? The park's air was sweet yesterday afternoon as Waldos by the hundreds turned out to celebrate the hijinks known as 420 Day, when stoners spanning the years from Kumar to Cheech & Chong come out to play. While the clock ticked down to twenty past four, New York's boys in blue, along with a few dudes in less conspicuous garb, kept a sharp eye out for jokers and tokers. A few celebrants forgot about the cameras and were packed off to waiting patrol cars. But the pot lovers outnumbered those on patrol, so many park-goers continued their pursuit of happiness unimpeded.

One weedomaniac pushed his own little placard-covered cart, crooning for cannabis with a sign that announced, "I Need Pot, Please Help," while moms with strollers ambled down the park's newly renovated paths. As the afternoon wound down, many ganja guys and gals set off for the always-secret High Times 420 Party, but not before we captured some of the fun in the gallery above.
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