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9/11 Memorial Getting Rocked; 89 Murray Up for Grabs?

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FIDI?The Port Authority's World Trade Center Progress website has been updated with some cool construction shots of the granite coat being installed on the walls of one of the 9/11 Memorial reflecting pools. If we had no taste, this is where our "Shouldn't the pools have gotten stoned on 4/20?" joke would've gone. [WTCProgress]

TRIBECA?Rental buildings changing hands between big developers doesn't really get our juices flowing, but the number of people passing along rumors that 89 Murray is nearing a sale is getting crazy. A potential deal for the luxury rental building?which went up with condo sister building 101 Warren?could have something to do with the issues regarding 89 Murray investor/developer the Sheldrake Organization. The Related Companies is an oft-mentioned suitor for the building. [CurbedWire Inbox]