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Condo Customer Buys at LIC's L Haus to Spite Neighbor

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There's a new wave of Long Island City condo buildings coming to the market (Solarium, Murano, East of East, etc.), so how's the last batch of glassy creations fairing on the eve of all this new competition? Up by Court Square, the Robert Scarano-designed Vere is celebrating a 70% sold figure, and further south on Jackson Avenue, L Haus is also marking a milestone of sorts: two 2BR apartments are now listed on StreetEasy as "in contract." Why is this significant? All closings to date in the amenity-rich building have been smaller apartments priced at $400k and under. The two 2BRs are listed at $775k and $615k, and though we don't know what they'll end up selling for, we do know what's motivating one buyer to take the plunge: spite!

On the building's highly entertaining StreetEasy message board thread, an L Haus buyer posted that he/she was at first interested in Hunters View, the other Pulaski Bridge-overlooking new condo building that had plenty of early interest. But a funny thing happened on the way to LIC bliss:

So many people talk bad about L Haus. What about Hunters View? It has the same location as L Haus. I made an offer on a unit at Hunters View and it was accepted, but had to walk away right before signing the contract because they decided to accept another offer (and believe me, my accepted price is only $4000 lower than their asking price). Several days ago, I got an email from Hunters View Developer and surprisingly that unit is still available, I wonder what happened??? Also they raised the price of that unit by $70,000 (just less than one month after my offer was accepted). I'm very glad I didn't purchase at Hunters View because I don't think the seller is honest. By the way, I dealt with their agent directly. After this unpleasant experience, I found an agent who showed me some apartments in that area. And my agent told me she usually don't show clients units at Hunters View and One Hunters Point because their aparments have the worst quality in the neighborhood. Now I am in the process of closing on a 2-bedroom apt at L Haus. And I got a free cabana.This is not the first time L Haus has been put up against Hunters View and come out victorious. Never underestimate the power of a free cabana!
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